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Calling all Genesis fans...

OK--My husband is on cloud nine, and I only have a few minutes before I have to go get MMC off of the bus. 

There is going to be a world-wide press conference on May 20th (also MMC's 8th birthday--go figure) with Tony Smith and all "the boys."  Hubby is convinced that this means another tour or another chance to see them live somewhere.  We really want to give Maddy a chance to see "Uncle Phil."

Anyways, he gets that look in his eyes like he's a little kid on Christmas and he's about to open the Chemistry set he's wanted for a whole year.  I know you hate it hon, but you ARE a Genesis Geek!  It's so cute!

Does anyone have any clue as to what is going on?

Thanks--the bus is coming........

Proud to be a New Yorker

I haven't had time to digest all of the information yet, because today was a hellish day, but just let me say, I am so proud to be a New Yorker tonight!  Our junior senator (who is NOT a native New Yorker, by the way) wants to put a health care plan in place that would force us to buy in, even if we are happy with the coverage that we've got.  I can hear her cackling now.....
And today our esteemed governor got caught with his pants down.  I can't believe what I heard, and yet none of it surprises me.  Prostitution ring......money laundering.....staffers sighted at the Governor's mansion crying.....wiretaps......high priced call girls.......I was practically cackling at the TV this afternoon. 

Of course, he endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.  Gee, thanks, Gov!

Somebody called Sean Hannity today and said we should call this scandal "Love Potion No.9."  What a scream!

I'm so sick of winter

Omigod!  There's a big winter storm coming!  Quick--everybody go to Wegman's and stock up!  Oh yeah, we all did that on Tuesday, when they said there was an ice storm coming and the world was going to end. 

Ooohh--big ice storm!  We got a little bit of a glaze, and Maddy woke up at 5:45 expecting school to be closed.  Guess she wore her jammies inside out for nothing.



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